Leone-M. Jennarelli

Leone-M. Jennarelli

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First Name * Leone-M.
Last Name * Jennarelli
Username * ptstudio
Country * France
City Strasbourg
Languages EnglishFrenchItalian



Availability: Freelance


Leone M. and Leonardo S. Jennarelli are the owners of Porticodoro and Melqart.

Other Team Members and Friends:
Ennadi and Sophie Mariand; Pauline Richard; Henri Jules; Lauren Delisle.

Porticodoro and Melqart are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.

Porticodoro is a French-Italian Studio specializing in 3D Modeling-3DArt and Soundtrack Music Production.

Porticodoro is based both in France and in Italy.

Porticodoro is member of the Classical Music League of Composers/ISCM New York [NY].
Porticodoro is friend of sir J. E. Gardiner's Orchestras and Monteverdi Choir.
Porticodoro is member of the Archaeological Institute of America.
Porticodoro is member of the American Philological Association.

All the Team Members have University degrees:
Computer Technologies in Archaeology, Classical Philology and Linguistics;
Architecture with a Master in Industrial Design;
Classical Music Performance and Production with 2 Masterclasses at the Musik-HochSchule (Wien-Austria).

Porticodoro is the owner and producer of the Generative Linguistics Software XHAMUEL.


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